About Us

About Lead The Charge

Founded in 2020, Lead The Charge supplies electric vehicle charging solutions to workplaces, retailers, and hospitality and leisure venues across the UK. We’re the UK reseller of ChargePoint, who are the leading electric vehicle charging point manufacturer in the US.


Our mission is to make electric vehicle charging simple through ZapMap visible charging points that cater to all EV models, take contactless payments, and have a 24/7 support network.


Our ultimate vision is an electric vehicle charging point in every parking space and driveway in the UK.

Our Why

Lead The Charge was founded by Calum McRae after he set out to replace his Diesel car with an electric one, only to discover a lack of public EV chargers near his home or workplace. After further research, Calum found other problems with the current charging network, including frequent technical issues with charge points, longer than promised charging times and unnecessary barriers for companies wanting to install EV charge points.


Calum decided that something had to be done to make electric vehicle charging simpler and more readily available. Along with his two partners, he set up Lead The Charge to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points in the UK and make EV charging easy for everyone.


Lead The Charge helps companies break through needless barriers and jargon in order to install fast, reliable electric vehicle charging points for their employees and customers to use, making the switch to EV driving easier.


Electric vehicles are the future of transport and Lead The Charge wants to make that future a reality, today. By providing reliable universal charge points for electric cars across the UK, we’re making life easier for both the businesses that provide charge points as well as electric vehicle drivers themselves and most importantly, we’re leading the charge towards zero emissions and a better future for us all.

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